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 Technological Advantages

Technological Advantages

At Nolla, Palou & Casellas, LLC we deal with solutions. That is why we work with the best information technology equipment.

NPC is a showcase for the latest in law firm technology. We combine the practice of law with the power of information.  At NPC, we use state-of-the-art technological solutions to spearhead our quality, level of service and drive our cost-efficiency. 

We also deploy next-generation technology to litigate cases and make complex ideas simple. Being in the cutting edge of technology gives us a winning edge in our offices and in the courtroom. We have the capability of preparing and delivering multimedia presentations before the courts. Moreover, our technological tools and systems result in faster response and turn around times.

Our commitment to technology is driven by our commitment to have the winning edge. 

Our office are equipped with a high-end infrastructure because it helps us swiftly conduct our business and provide extraordinary service to our clients.

We started construction of our IT infrastructure by wiring the office with CAT 6 cabling and componenents for all data and communications peripherals.

The local area network is interconnected through an intricate CAT 6  wiring, installed throughout the office during the construction phase. This allows for the most efficient use of messaging, wireless connectivity, video telephone and conferencing, copiers, peripherals, printers, scanners and computers systems. The data portion connects to a 48 Port CAT 6 patch panel. The LAN is hardwired with 6 Meg DSL Internet connectivity, with a wireless system as back up. This state-of-the-art system provides greater quality and efficiency.

The firm required mobile computing solutions to make attorneys more available, better manage lawyers' time and the firms knowledge resources. In order to meet these demands, we deployed wireless e-mail and other applications to access enterprise data to support lawyers in the courtroom, in the field or after hours.

Our vision and additional information technology features and specifications follow:

Hardware/Office Equipment

The computers at Nolla, Palou & Casellas, LLC are various high-end models. 

Our two servers use Intel Xeon Processors, with quad processor capability. One is configured as a Microsoft Small Business Server and handles the Microsoft Exchange office connectivity solutions. The second server is configured as a Microsoft Windows Server 2003, and works with the document management, filing, timekeeping, billing, and accounting software.  Backups are handled with a DAT 72 internal tape backup drive, server mirroring, and an additional external backup drive. The interconnectivity and redundancy that these systems provide for great capacity and reliability.

The attorney workstations have dual flat panel monitors for fast and effective research, drafting and review of documents. This dual monitor setup is critical so users can view multiple programs simultaneously.  For example, an attorney may view Adobe Acrobat images used in our paperless office system, while at the same time work with other software, such as Microsoft Word or Excel on another document in the second monitor.

Our staff uses workstations with Intel Core Duo Processors, Windows XP Pro, and MS Office Professional.

The firm has notebooks for all of our attorneys, with Intel Core Duo, Centrino Duo and Pentium M, Centrino Processors, 1-2GB SDRAM, with double data rate, 20", 15" and 14.1" monitors, docking stations, including full keyboard and mouse, Windows XP Pro with media, MS Office Professional, Intel Pro/Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity. These notebooks are extremely lightweight, so our attorneys can hit the road and work remotely. 

Our document management and printing needs are handled with multi-function equipment.  It includes scanners with Portable Document Format conversion capabilities.  We rely on the best, Xerox Corporation, for two fast and robust networked high speed scanner, printer, copier and fax systems.

We also have a dedicated high speed scanner and other networked multifunction copiers, scanners, faxes, and printers.

When establishing the firm, we quickly moved toward a paperless office by integrating the scanners to our document filing routine. We have the capability of managing loads of documents. Virtually every document pertaining to a case and client matter is available in electronic format, and can be located and reviewed or sent out within seconds.

Our electronic database search engine is second to none, providing results in split seconds. 

Like other firms, we exchange documents with our clients and other counsel by e-mail. For example, if someone requests a copy of a pleading, we can send it by e-mail during the conversation without leaving our desks. In addition to the time saved, this automation has the added benefit of lowering operating costs by eliminating the need for additional personnel to send hard copies by courier, mail or fax.

Also, we have LAN Fax capabilities as well, providing us the alternative of outgoing PC Fax and Fax to E-Mail.

Portability Solutions

All of the firm's attorneys use the latest in smartphone technology available for connectivity when we are out of the office. We are also experimenting with the latest in the era of the pads. All of these with WI-FI and wireless data plans to keep connected when away from the office. 

These devises include, among other things, document, spreadsheet and graphics viewers, corporate e-mail, address books, electronic research capabilities, Peer to Peer and/or IM messaging.

Electronic Legal Research

Our firm entered into fixed cost subscription contracts with the premier legal research/database companies, to give us virtually unlimited access to invaluable online legal research assets. Also, these online services further expand the portability of our services. We also have additional authorities on CD ROM.

Network Operating Systems

We use Microsoft Small Business Server with Microsoft Exchange, and Microsoft Windows Server on our servers.


Our desktops are equipped with Windows XP Pro and are synchronized with the laptops to the server. Our office suite is Microsoft Professional 2003 and 2007.

We use Outlook with Small Business Contact Manager for managing our contact information, e-mail, calendar, To-Do lists, and note information management.

We use Paperport and Adobe Acrobat to manage and create PDF files for our paperless office system.

Our sophisticated software allows us to manage our cases by seamlessly integrating notes, events, To-Do lists, billing, contacts, communications and documents (all of which are scanned into PDF immediately upon receipt).

We have relevant information about any matter we are handling at our fingertips without needing to locate the file or have a status discussion since most of this type of information is in the computer. This not only increases productivity significantly, but also lowers costs and speeds up response time, making our clients happier.

Our technology use allows us to increase efficiency and to strengthen client relationships. Our clients expect us to be, and we are, at least, as responsive as lawyers from much larger firms, if not more so. From the inception of the firm, we have used technology to aggressively track and monitor client matters and cases to move them quickly and efficiently, for example if litigation, toward trial or settlement.

Voice and Data Integration

We also laid out the latest cutting edge CAT 6 infrastructure for voice, video, VOIP, and other cutting–edge technologies in our premises,early during construction.

Our Norstar telephony system includes an auto attendant during rush hours. As soon as a voice message is recorded, the auto attendant forwards the voice mail message to our attorneys’ mobile phones, and keeps on calling the attorney until such attorney receives the new voice message from the office.

NPR Solutions, Inc. is our telephone and voice messaging system provider and integrator.    For more information, please visit NPR's website at

Web Site Design, Hosting, E-mail Hosting, and Electronic Publications

Our e-marketing and Internet consultants are WSI Strategic Technologies, Inc.
They provide Internet solutions and strategies to businesses in Puerto Rico. NPC uses the custom web design, web and e-mail hosting, and e-newsletter solutions offered by WSI.

IT Consulting

To have smooth cooperation between hardware and software programs, we recommend hiring highly competent consultants. These consultants should be able to set up the system and train users. Without such consulting services, our firm would not have been able to seamlessly link the various solutions we are using day to day. Our IT consultants are Rock Solid Technologies.


Rock Solid Technologies, Inc. is a software solutions company, providing IT consulting, development, implementation and support of custom-made software applications. Their customers include government agencies and private enterprises. They are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Rock Solid Technologies has implemented re-engineering projects, software deployment, security software implementations, and development for HR and payroll systems. For the past three years, they have recruited computer engineers from the University of Puerto Rico Mayagüez campus. Over 50% of their staff graduated from UPR Mayaguez. They employ over 100 professionals, most of them Microsoft Certified Professionals including over 10 Microsoft Certified System Developers, and several Microsoft Certified System Engineers, 7 PMP certified by PMI, Microsoft Certified Data Base Administrators and Microsoft Certified trainers. For more information, please visit Rock Solid's website at

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